How To Set Up<your-language-here>/

We'd love to host a Planet NetBeans site in your native language. Here's how to make that happen :

  1. Find at least 2 people blogging about NetBeans in your language.
  2. If the blogs are not specifically about NetBeans, please create a NetBeans category. We can subscribe just that category, and keep focussed on NetBeans content.
  3. Please translate the following strings into your language, for use on the site :

    a). Planet NetBeans
    b). Planet NetBeans is an aggregation of NetBeans related musings from all over the Blogosphere
    c). Feeds
    d). Feed Subscriptions
    e). Do you blog about NetBeans ? Add your blog to PlanetNetBeans
    f). (The name of your language, in your language, eg "Français")
  4. Send the above info to the webmasters.